About Us

G-TEKT Europe Manufacturing LTD. (G-TEM) is part of the G-TEKT Corporation, A global Japanese manufacturing company specializing in the Design, Development and Manufacture of vehicle body structures through its extensive range of Automated Stamping and Assembly Processes.

Japanese ethos and working practices are part of our heritage, first establishing in the UK in 1996 with our purpose-built Gloucester facility using the skills, knowhow, technology and education from our parent company to build a reputable company that focuses on customer satisfaction.

Being part of a global network of 29 production factories we share and benefit from global experiences from development. A harmonized production constitution is paramount with all facilities having standardized production technology.

Alongside our extensive manufacturing capability G-TEM operates a fully functioning in-house tool making facility for large casting dies, an experienced product development department and a low volume prototype manufacturing facility, functions that are core for a successful new model launch and ongoing production support.

G-TEM’s growth has been driven by a natural ability to succeed and deliver over and above customer expectation.

G-TEM uses customer satisfaction as an overarching principle and within Europe our growth has been organic allowing us to keep a family culture throughout all of our sites.

All of our facility, Land and equipment is fully owned by G-TEKT EUROPE MANUFACTURING LTD. which underpins our financial sustainability.

The G-TEKT European division comprises of the following G-TEM entities:

G-TEM Gloucester – Plant 1

G Tem Gloucester1

Registered office and leading large manufacturing site for complex assembly and stamping

G-TEM Gloucester – Plant 4

G Tem Gloucester4

Leading site for Aluminum and mixed material stamping and advanced assembly methods. (Founded 2019)

G-TEM Wales – Plant 2

G Tem Wales 2

Head of the Welsh manufacturing division specializing in medium to small stampings and assemblies.

G-TEM Wales – Plant 3

G Tem Wales 3

Specialist site for Low volume and prototyping capability, tool manufacturing and product development.

G-TES Slovakia, Nitra

G Tem Slovakia

leading European large manufacturing site for complex assembly and hybrid – mixed materials stamping.

G-TED Research office/Commercial Office

G Tem Germany

Liaising with European customers from a technical and sales perspective.

All of our European manufacturing facilities fall into line with our global group principle of flexibility – all assembly equipment has inbuilt flexibility to adapt to volume and engineering changes, stamping technology specifications are common across all sites, this delivers viable risk / contingency mitigation with the added agility to support customer regional production.