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Introduction into G-TEM Capabilities

G-TEM possesses a full complement of capabilities in order to achieve OEM requirements from large in-house cast die manufacturing, material procurement, world class production capabilities via fully automated large AIDA stamping process and complex automated multi robot assembly lines for Ultra high strength steel, Aluminium & steel.


  • Hybrid capability – UHSS / Aluminum / Steel
  • x9 – Fully Auto high speed AIDA Transfer lines (1920  Width * 6mm Material Thickness)
  • x5 – Large Automated AIDA Progression lines (2000  Width * 6mm Material Thickness)
  • x10 – Automated Progression lines with Profile blank capability 
  • Automated closed loop scrap reclaim facility. 
  • x5 Try out Presses ranging from 500 ~ 1000 Ton  


  • Fully automated complex assembly lines 
  • Automated stamp nut capability (Profil & SPAC) 
  • Automated SPR technology 
  • Spot & Projection
  • Laser Welding
  • Friction Stir Welding
  • Bonding
  • Various NVH applications


  • Highly flexible wire bending / spring forming solution using 6-axis CNC Wire Formers.
  • Ability to form wire in a vast range of OD’s. (3~ 14mm)
  • Cold Forming heading operations.
Manufacturing Assembly Capabilities


IATF 16949 & ISO 9001 Accredited
JLR Q Award from Jaguar Land Rover
Best Class Quality Achievement with 4 Major OEM's
Q&D Awards from Multiple Customers
  • Fully equipped Metrology centre 
  • Automated CMM measurement systems
  • 3D laser & White light scanning capability 
  • In-house Material testing capability  
  • Macro testing facility 
  • Established audit system  
  • Full tear down facility 
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Logistics & Material Management


  • Fully integrated automotive ERP system interfacing with customers via automotive standards 
  • Side & rear vehicle loading with 20 minute turnaround time 
  • Full Automated storage and retrieval system 
  • Extensive warehousing facilities  
  • Fully compliant lot control management 
  • JIT Sequenced supply for complex assemblies  
  • Small parts Kanban consolidation 

Material Management

  • Fully automated lot control management for material 
  • Wide ranging supply base across UK , EU & Asia – both Service centers and mill direct.
  • Blank  – Via profile , sq shear, Laser.
  • Ability to take Mill direct coil up to 20 ton 

Die Manufacturing

  • X4 Large 5 axis NC Machining Centres
  • X6 Small / Medium NC
  • Wire Cutting and EDM
  • Large conventional machine shop & bench workers
  • In House Die design at G-TEM – Allows full Process Planning
  • Spotting presses for Die try out
  • Grinding facility
  • Full gantry cranes across all press areas of production
  • Full CAD/ CAM linkage across all NC machines
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We Can Procure:

  • Fasteners
  • Fixings
  • Tubular Components
  • Aluminium Extrusions
  • Material
  • Machinery
Any requirement you may have we can deliver via global procurement links into multiple regions across the globe.
Our established linkages provide prompt response and quality.

Design, CAE, Simulation

  • G-TEM receives data , interrogates, disseminates then carries out full FCR analysis with cost optimization / process efficiency and manufacturability as key points and delivers re-worked CAD back to engineer as simultaneous engineer service with manufacturing capability embedded.
  • Full Formability & Simulation reporting
  • Full Automotive complaint software
Design Cae Sim

Prototyping & Low Volume

  • Full turnkey solution for low ~ medium volume proto requirements
  • Low Volume tool or for late change management support
  • Feed forward for early warning on difficulties / complexity during design & manufacture phases.

New Investment

  • G-TEM has a commitment to ensuring all relevant technological advancements within our sector as well as emerging markets are fully assessed and deployable should a customer need support in this particular area of the supply web. 
  • EV products are certainly an area G-TEM has focused on and has developed a technology partnership with Fuji Springs in Japan for Primatic battery case manufacture. 
  • New state-of-the-art E-Coat in-house line is set for system up in 2024 as we see a trend for this within battery area. 
  • X2 1MWp Solar farms installed at Gloucester facilities in 2022 to support our net-zero targets. 
  • A further 2MW expansion at original Gloucester facility completed in 2023, bringing total capacity to 4MW across both Gloucester sites.