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Engineering Work Experience in Gloucester

Experience the wonder of Engineering.

Engineering Work Experience in Gloucester

Experience the wonder of Engineering.

Engineering is everywhere. No matter if it’s your phone, chair, or clothes, everything you see has been engineered to its exact specifications and requirements. Interested to find out how?

Who says work experience has to be boring? We believe it’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about your interests, develop new skills, and begin making professional relationships.

As such, in 2023 we designed a new program for our work experience, to show students the excitement, intrigue, and enthusiasm that makes Engineering the exciting industry it is.

The result? Incredible levels of interest and extremely positive feedback from the students who took part. Each year, we continue to offer work experience during periods in June and July, offering more students the chance to spark their curiosity for Engineering.


During your placement, you will learn essential engineering skills for the 21st century, including 3D CAD design, 3D printing, and working alongside automated robotics. Once you have learnt these skills, you will be given an engineering-related problem that will see you harnessing your newfound knowledge to create a solution by yourself, with help available from your peers and our knowledgeable staff.

  • Following our comprehensive guidebooks, you will learn how to use our 3D CAD modelling software, starting simple with 2D drawings, and progressing onto complex geometric shapes.
  • You will then learn more about 3D printing from our Engineering Manager, including how to set up the printers and prepare designs in our slicing software.
  • Each day you will gain valuable experience within our production environment, working alongside experienced employees on our automated robotic assembly cells. Through this, you will gain an understanding and appreciation for the level of engineering work that goes into creating our manufacturing processes.

Why choose us for your work experience placement?

  • This is not your regular work experience! We have created a week-long experience that takes you across multiple areas of the Engineering and Manufacturing industries, including 3D modelling, 3D printing, production, and more.
  • You will be supported by us throughout the week, with dedicated assistance and support available to you.
  • Feedback from our 2023 work experience was incredibly positive from both students and their schools. 

What do we look for in a work experience student?

  • You don’t need to have any previous engineering experience, just a curiosity to learn and experience the industry through a real work environment.
  • Your work experience will be taken in small groups of students, so the ability to work in a team and by yourself would be ideal.
  • We have multiple activities planned, giving you the opportunity to experience different areas of our business. To ensure that you get the most out of your experience with us, we ask that you give each activity your best effort.
Engineering and Manufacturing Work Experience Placements Gloucester

"I really enjoyed the CAD modelling as it was my first time using something like it really. I learnt a lot about it and I am more confident in what I can make with it now."

“I enjoyed the range of activities and challenges that we did. It was very rewarding if you succeeded. Everyone is so welcoming and nice. It is nice to be in this environment."

“It was a warm welcome and everyone was nice... this experience has helped me learn new skills and understand the environment in an engineering facility.”

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