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G-TEM celebrates
National Apprenticeship
Week 2024

G-TEM celebrates
National Apprenticeship
Week 2024

Happy National Apprenticeship Week! 

Thank you to our incredible apprentices who show their passion, creativity, and dedication across our operations. Their fresh ideas and perspectives continue to inspire us all.  We have been proudly advocating apprenticeships for over a decade and have experienced first-hand the benefits they bring to apprentices and our business.

This week, our team has been busy attending local events in South Wales, and we are happy that more students than ever are choosing apprenticeships over a traditional education pathway.

To commemorate #NAW2024, we spoke with Jack, one of our degree apprentices! You can read the full interview below.

Apprentice Q&A - Jack

Q: Please describe your department and role, and what project you are currently working on.

“I am training as a new model engineer, specialising in the introduction of pressing dies and welding cells. I am currently working on multiple projects which stretch across multiple OEM customers.”


Q: Why did you choose G-TEM for your apprenticeship?

“I chose G-TEM as I was presented with the opportunity to study towards an engineering degree whilst gaining relevant industry experience. I had always been interested in the automotive industry, so this was very exciting and hopeful for me.”


Q: What do you like about working here?

“I like the variety I have in my day-to-day jobs. For instance, I could be trialling press tools one day and then reporting on weld cell setups the next. Because of this diverse work style, I am constantly learning.”


Q: What has been your favourite experience so far in your apprenticeship?

“Working with lots of different people is always interesting and has helped me progress within my role. I have recently been given the chance to travel overseas for work which will also help further my knowledge.”


Q: Do you have any tips you would like to share with those interested in apprenticeships?

“Apprenticeships are great for practical learners. The combination of studying and work helps to apply real world examples to the content that’s learnt in class. Personally, I am motivated by seeing the results of my work, which is far more prevalent in an apprenticeship rather than a traditional studying course.”

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